The Blue army

  • Has conducted over 100 individual cleaning projects.
  • Has attended over 25 different environmental seminars.
  • Visited over 50 schools for environmental lectures.
  • Issues a yearly report and sends to the ministry of the Environment aswell as to the President of Iceland.
  • Has recycled over 1100 tons from Icelandics shorelines, harbours and open area´s. In 2012 over 105 tons in 10 different projects.
  • Underwater cleanup projects over 100 tons recycled.
  • Manhours of volunteer work exceed 50.000.
  • Major sponsors: Toyota, Icelandic Government, Reykjanes region office,The Blue Lagoon, HS powerstation, The Commerce bagfund, Town of Reykjanes and Reykjanesharbour.
  • Is a non profit organisation.



US Embassy - Sandvík Beach Cleanup